Sunday, July 31, 2011

Wharton Family Camp - The Preview

Wharton Family Camp 2009
The Whole Crew, except sister Beth, who's taking the picture.

The Wharton Family Camp.  If you were born a Wharton, married a Wharton, or spawned by a Wharton, you're invited to this annual event.  A last hoo-rah of summer, held sometime around the beginning of August, this sacred event is definitely family tradition at it's best.  All Whartons are invited, but generally, because my siblings are spread across the country, the only participants are my family, and my two sisters, Beth and Dawn, with their families.  Sometimes my parents will show up for an afternoon or a meal, but are quick to play the Senior Citizens Card if we suggest they spend the night. 

The three of us girls, with our families, wouldn't miss it though.  It's been a hallowed event for at least a dozen years.  I'm still ashamed to confess that my family actually did missed one year.  Last year, I was given the opportunity to go to Virginia Beach with my mom for a week, and the crazy, sick person I am, I took it.  Unfortunately, it was scheduled the same week as Family Camp, so I had to miss it.  I felt like I was committing an unpardonable sin.  My sisters, treated me like I was committing an unpardonable sin.  I stressed and mourned and whined to Kevin.  It could not be helped though, and fortunately I was forgiven, and allowed back into the fold.  And, of course, we're on again for this year. 

This is the event I'm planning for right now.  And planning it definitely requires.  We camp from Wednesday to Sunday, each bringing our own drinks and our own lunches.  We receive random food assignments for dinner on Wednesday and breakfast on Sunday.  Then the three particpating families are each assigned a day, at which time we have to provide breakfast and dinner for the entire crew and a craft for the kids.  We also bring two snacks to share.  It's a very structured event.  Don't doubt it or I'll send you the Wharton Family Rules, which I have typed up neatly and stored right here on my computer.  I have to send out reminders every now and again, but mostly particpants are very compliant.  : )

Another thing that I do during the weekend, which takes quite a bit of planning is Wharton Wars.  This is an event not to be missed.  It's a battle of teams for fabulous prizes, and most importantly, bragging rights as Wharton Wars Champs until the next year.

You will not want to miss my next few posts, because this is the event that will be highlight.  So stay tuned. . . . !

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