Monday, July 25, 2011

The Cache Hounds

Last year, Kevin introduced our family to Geocaching.  Geocaching is basically treasure hunting using coordinates on your GPS.  The Geocache generally consists of a small container containing a log book that you can sign and sometimes little trinkets that you can trade for.  You sign the log book, put a small prize in, and take something out.  Then you put the Geocache back just as you found it, and leave it for the next person to find.  We think they are a lot of fun, have taken the name “The Cache Hounds” and have hunted Geocaches in Bountiful, Woodland, Coalville, Goblin Valley, etc.  We decided last summer that we wanted to hide our own.  Finally tonight for Family Home Evening, we went out to do it.  We found a fantastic spot in a hollowed-out log near Camperworld so we can check it whenever we come.   Kevin got it registered online and we're excited for fellow Geocachers to come looking for it!

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