Tuesday, July 26, 2011


 Several summers ago, a mysterious pirate named Javier, showed up at Woodland Camperworld for the first time. On the run, he needed help from Brinkley and Lily. He crowned them “Princesses of the Mountain” and sent them on a Scavenger Hunt to search for hidden treasure that they could keep, but only if they could find it. Each summer since, he has shown up at least once. And though they’ve never actually seen him, Brinks and Lils know he could be near and are on constant look-out for secret notes that could have been left by him.

Well, to their pure delight, he resurfaced again this past Wednesday evening. A note was found, and the hunt was on. He sent them from one end of this camp to the other. Even out of the camp and down the secret road. Only through the most diligent searching, the greatest ingenuity, and lightning quick speed on their part (with only one bathroom break for Brinkley), they found the treasure and the reward was great. Skittles and squirt guns. That Javier! He sure knows the way to a two little girls’ hearts!!!

Time Out!!  I need a pee pee break!

We found it!  If you look close you can see a plastic bag (full of loot no doubt) down in the rocks.

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