Saturday, July 23, 2011


Yesterday was the Kamas Fiesta Days Parade. We went to the parade last year but I'd forgotten how great it is. This parade is definitely one of Kamas' best kept secrets. It was short, 30-40 minutes tops. The parade route is fairly short, so there's not enough time to create huge gaps in between the floats. It's also very uncrowded. In Davis County at least, parade routes are just person to person. Yesterday there was at least 10 feet between us and anyone else. And the best part - they threw TONS OF CANDY. And only about 50% taffy. The rest was good stuff. Plus we got t-shirts, frisbees, small toys, pizza, freshed baked chocolate chip cookies, popcorn from the local movie theater, and toothbrushes. There were several times I had to help the girls gather because they just didn't have enough time in between to get it all. I saw a lot of candy just left in the street, which I can't imagine. Kind of a sign of the excessive world we live in when kids don't gather every last piece of candy thrown. It was grand fun!

Uh - just a short side-note to people who throw Otterpops. Please don't. Otterpops are the most idiotic thing to throw. Do the throwers not realize that when the pops slide along the pavement they get little holes in them. And then they start leaking - all down the front of your shirt. And that's only if you're lucky enough to try to eat it right then. If you don't and stick it in your loot bag, then it melts all over your candy. Plus, by the end of the parade route, the Otterpops are just slush and that's no fun. There was one truck yesterday that was handing them out, and the lady had one that she'd cut in two. She handed one half to each of my girls. They ate it right then and it was done. That's the only way Otterpops should be given in my book!

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