Thursday, July 21, 2011

Neighbors - The Good and the Bad of It

When we got here on Sunday, we decided to choose a camp spot by the river. We’ve never camped over on this side of the campground before. In years past, the girls were too little and camping by the water made me nervous. Mostly though, it’s a space issue. Some of these campers don’t mind being packed in like sardines. They just need a spot for their satellite dish and they’re all set. They don’t venture outside much anyway.

Me, I like a little space. I have a dog. My girls want to play outside and we like to eat at the picnic table without another camper 4 feet away watching our every move. There is only 1 spot by the river with any lawn space and on Sunday it was open, so we took it. I figured the sound of the river might drown out other noises, and it has. I think Kevin has slept better.

Well, on Monday a big old 5th wheel decided they wanted the spot right in front of us. Great. We’re happy to have neighbors. As they’re pulling in I noticed that they are really hugging the edge of their site (the edge between us and them). Their wheels are practically on the grass, but they aren’t, and I don’t really blame them for wanting to maximize their spot. That is, until they crank out their 3 ½ foot tip out. And this is what we end up with. They are now 3 ½ feet into our site, practically touching our camp chairs and fire pit. Well, speaking of fire, I was fired up. How rude is that? Of course I didn’t say anything, and really, we still have plenty of space, but I still think it’s totally rude and they should be ashamed! I don’t know about ashamed, but they ARE going to be sad when we fire that pit up and all the smoke goes right in their windows. Ha!!

I have to put in a little note about the neighbors who were behind us when we pulled in. It was 2 old ladies (lesbians? no, I think just sisters) and their dog. The moment we pulled in they brought over a small camping chair and gave it to Lily. They said they had just bought it for their chihuahua (hee hee), but he won't sit in it. Then, Tuesday, they brought over 2 card games, that they owned, but never played for the girls, plus 2 bags of candy, and some gourmet dog treats that their dog won't eat. How sweet is that? Bless their hearts! We were sad to see them pull out.

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