Friday, July 22, 2011


July 24th is a big state holiday in Utah. It’s Pioneer Day and most little towns celebrate with all sorts of festivities – parades, carnivals, fireworks, rodeos, festivals. It’s big do-ins! Bountiful is no different. A parade, carnival and yummy food in the park. For this reason, for many years I didn’t want to camp over July 24th because I didn’t want to miss Bountiful Days. Then, last year, I discovered that bless Kamas’ little heart! They celebrate too! And they even have a rodeo! For those of you that haven’t been to a small town rodeo, you really are missing. These little rodeos are America at its best.
Kamas calls their celebration Fiesta Days. Last year we went to the Bull Wars, which was a lot of fun. This year we decided to try out the plain old rodeo. Mostly because it was kid’s night, which that means that kids get in free, and free is one of my favorite words. : )

I had gotten rodeo tickets last week and picked up a flyer with a schedule of the festivities, but then couldn’t find it. I wasn’t worried though because the front office here at Camperworld always has a schedule posted. Of course by yesterday though they had given all their flyers out and someone had nabbed the posted one. I knew from my tickets that the rodeo started at 8pm, but I also knew that there was some kind of kid’s event that went on before. I wasn’t too worried though because I figured there would just be a bunch of overpriced rides and food and the later we got there the more money we’d save. So we headed into the rodeo at about 6:45pm. I dropped Kev and the girls off and went to get drinks then came back to meet them. Well, apparently, they had a whole LOAD of those blowup toys, helium balloons, water bottles and it was all FREE. From bounce houses to a rock wall to slides to an actual bull-riding ride. And they all closed at 7pm. Kev had gone to a couple as they were wrapping up and tried to get the girls on with the last kids that were going through but the operators said, “No, we’re closed!” So rude! He finally got them on one. I arrived by then and we headed to the bull-riding, which had a big line, but they were still letting kids ride. We didn’t know if we’d make it for a while, but they finally got to ride. I felt bad that they missed most everything else, but they were thrilled with the bull ride. Brinkley left her hat on, hoping that it would fly off during the ride, just like a real cowboy, and it did! She was so excited. They were OK with not getting to do anything else. I guarantee though that I’ll get there early next year. FREE kids rides? That’s unheard of!

So, then we headed to the rodeo. I confess that I enjoyed the Bull Wars last year quite a bit more. Most of the riders fell off their bulls or horses before the buzzer rang, or they missed roping the calf or steer, so very few actually qualified, which is kind of a bummer. I’ll say right now, I am an animal lover, but I’m OK with rodeos for the most part. As long as the animals are treated well out of the arena, I seriously doubt the rodeo events hurt them in anyway. There is one event that I would get rid of though if I ruled the world - calf ropin’. Roping those poor baby cows, flipping them on their sides, sometimes by one leg, and then
tying a rope around 3 legs? Seriously?! Pick on something your own size! One poor little calf managed to get up on his 3 legs that were tied together, teetered, and then nose planted in the dirt. Pitiful! Once he was untied though, he did run off seemingly unscathed. Believe me, I was watching for signs of injury.

Oh, while we were waiting in the stands before the rodeo started, they were playing this aweful country music and the girls were dancing down in front. Then they came up and started harrassing Kev to dance with them. He resisted for a while, until Brinkley said, "Papa! Aren't you feeling it?" Well, he must have decided he was cause he went down in front and danced with them. Not to many Dads would make a fool out of themselves like that. It's no wonder they are both totally in love with him.
The night ended up with fireworks, which was about the best part. This afternoon is the parade and we’ll be there with bells on. Bring a loot bag and come join us!

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