Thursday, July 28, 2011

More Pics

Flynn Rider.  I totally see the likeness.

Camping crafts.

Nice job, Brinks!
 We're home and I'm going through pictures we took.  At the beginning of this trip, before I started blogging, we spent a few days higher on the mountain dry camping.  That was kind of a new experience for us, but I loved it.  We were basically all alone and it was so quiet and peaceful.  And, truth be told, we still had all the luxuries of home, except actual plug-in electricity.  We had hot water, a stove, oven and fridge.  They all run off of propane, and we have a solar panel that recharges the battery for lights.  The girls really enjoyed it too.  They loved roaming, finding new secret clubhouses, and riding their bikes down the very rocky road.  Here are some pictures from that leg of the trip, and also others that didn't make the blog.

Look who sits in Papa's chair while he's at work.

Ride 'em Cowgirls!

Ready for the Rodeo

Kev and the girls waiting for the rodeo to start.

Brinkley took this pic of the river while fishing.

More fish cleaning shots.  "Lily, you like eyeballs AND guts?"

4-Wheelin' with Papa.

Being Silly.

Tye, enjoying the shade.

Lily and her favorite person.

I should have posted a blog about this.  Kev dug this hammock up for me. 
What a guy!  I love it.

The perfect S'More.

Lily's version.  Graham cracker, chocolate and roast Starburst.

Lily, partying after they found Javier's note.
Being Lily.
Brinkley's self-portrait in Skittles.

Working on a masterpiece.

Lily's version of Tye.

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