Friday, July 11, 2014

Sunshine and Free Slurpees

It’s 5:45pm and FINALLY the rain has stopped, the skies are blue and I think it’s going to be dry from here on out.  I said we kind of liked rain days while we were camping but the leaks last night made it not so fun plus rain is not as fun when Mom is here.  We don’t want to be holed up in the camper watching movies.  We want to be out and about in the sunshine and around the park. 

My gerry-rigging job last night did hold through the night.  No more leaks.  It rained a couple of times, but not as hard and not a lot.  This morning though was still really wet, over-cast, cool, and it rained more this afternoon. 

With words like this, it's no
wonder I won Banangrams!  : )
We had fun though.  My mother’s mother, my Grandma Lula, loved playing games, reading, and working puzzles.  And guess what?  My mother loves playing games, reading, and working puzzles.  Don’t you love it?  Today we played more Bananagrams, Farkle, and Racko.  Then after lunch went into Kamas.  Someone reminded me it was Free Slurpee Day at 7-Eleven.  Yay!  That was our first stop.  Then we did a little shopping at some little shops and boutiques here in town.  Our favorite stop was High Mountain Drug Store.  They have hand-dipped ice cream and we all indulged.  Brinkley and I decided that next time we were sharing.  The scoops are way too big.  We felt like big pigs afterwards.  It was yummy though.  I’d wanted to call Kev.  I hadn’t talked to him since he left on Tuesday night.  We have zero cell service in the park.  But of course when I called in town it went straight to voicemail.  He hadn’t gotten up yet.  Boo.

Mom left  in the late afternoon and we were sad to see her go.  Now I’m just sitting out at the picnic table, typing, enjoying the sunshine and my dinner.  The girls and I decided it would be fun to have a Freebee Evening, meaning we can all do pretty much what we want until bedtime.  They’ve chosen to lay out the table bed, eat Totino’s Pizza, and watch a movie of course.  I’ve chosen to enjoy the great outdoors while on my laptop.  LOL.  What kind of camping is this anyway?!

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