Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Ladder Ball & River Rompin'

Today was especially fun.  Last night we had some gray water back-up in our bathtub.  I know, super gross!  We don’t use the shower because Camperworld is a full-service campground of course, but I do store stuff in it.  Most of it is off the ground, but a few things sit right in the tub, so when the water backs up, it really freaks me out cause it is water from the bathroom and kitchen sink and anything in the tub gets wet!  Apparently, Kev hadn’t opened up the gray water tank to drain and in the 24 hours that we’d been here we’d filled our whole gray water holding tank.  Well, sorry Kev.  Washing dishes and hands takes a lot of dang water when you’re not paying for it.  : )  And seriously, I think our tank must be a little insufficient, don’t you agree?

Anywho, one of the things sitting in the tub was a Ladder Golf game that I’d bought and given to Kev for Christmas.  We’d forgotten we had it.  So, we pulled it out and played.  It was a lot of fun.  The four of us could pair up and play on teams.  We all loved it!  I highly recommend it.

Kev also took the girls out in the afternoon and gave them a four-wheeler driving lesson.  They thought they were the cat’s meow of course.  He let them go 13 whole miles per hour!  LOL
The Provo River runs through this campground.  There isn’t a very nice swimming hole, like there is in Coalville, so we’ve never done much wading or swimming.  Without a pool, we decided to give it try.  I’m too chicken to do much more than wading.  I’m old now and the idea of water snakes freaks me out a lot more than it did when I was young.  The girls get right in there and swim all around.  They had fun and want to do it again tomorrow.

Kev took me for an evening ride last night.  There’s a great ATV trail about a mile up the road at Cedar Hollow.  We haven’t done that in years.  Any other time we had the four-wheeler up here, I was afraid to leave the girls and go too far.  At 9 and 11 years old, they’re finally old enough.  Sad huh?  We had fun, but it’s scary being a passenger.  Kev drives much faster than 13 mph.  I’m wearing a helmet and pants next time!
Kev also left tonight.  He doesn’t have to work until tomorrow night, but I thought it might be a good idea for him to go home late tonight and try to stay up most of the night so he could hopefully get a good day’s sleep before going to work tomorrow night.  Lily cried.  We’ll all miss him, but just between you and me, I really like sleeping alone in this little double bed.  LOL.  I also don’t mind a few days of doing just what I want with the girls and not cooking bigger meals.  Kev knows and doesn’t mind.  It’s that attitude that gives him freedom to hunt, work weird work hours and go on SAR call-outs without much complaint from me.   It’s always good see him return though.   See you Sunday Love-Bird.  : )

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