Wednesday, July 9, 2014


We woke this morning to blue skies and probably a dozen hummingbirds flying outside our windows.  I always hang feeders and we always get birds, but never this many.  This morning they were humming, whistling and zipping around, fighting each other to get to the feeders.  We were having 6 or 7 at once buzzing around the feeders.  It was great fun and sometimes even a little annoying as they whizzed past our heads.

This evening our red feeder that had four places for the birds to drink ran out of sugar water.  The only one left was the weird purple one with flowers.  It only had one feeding perch.  One of the birds, a fat one, sat up against the opening for about 10 minutes, guarding it.  He wouldn’t let any of the other birds get to it.  I was able to get within about 1 foot with my camera to take a picture.  I’ve never seen anything like it.  Finally it moved to the perch and sat there, eating once in a while, but mostly it was guarding.  Finally, it must have gotten its fill because it left.

THEN, this is the best part of all.  Lily stuck her finger up by the perch to see if it would come and sit on her finger to eat and IT DID.  She left her finger there and it came and ate and ate.  One would leave and another would come.  Sometimes two, right there by her finger and her head.  I got lots of pictures of Lily.  Then Brinkley did it and I got her on video.  It was seriously one of the coolest things I’ve seen.  Truly.


After lunch we went to the river again.  We found an even better spot with a nice flat sandy place for me to sit and currents and swimming holes for the girls. 

Rain drove us inside this afternoon.  Rain while we’re camping is one of our favorite things.  In fact, as I was popping popcorn Lily said, “Rainy days are one of my favorite camping memories”.  I always pop popcorn in a pan on the stove (the only time I do this is while we’re camping) and then we curl up on my bed and watch a movie.  Both girls were dying to watch Pirates of the Caribbean.  We let them watch it with us a few months ago and they think it’s the Bees Knees.  I’m a meanie though and wasn’t in the mood today so we’re watching Loves Enduring Promise.  Sounds like a total chick flick huh?  I know Kev is glad he isn’t here for this one (except I’ll tell you a secret – he loves Anne of Green Gables ; ).  It’s the second movie of Janette Oke’s series that starts with Love Comes Softly.  It’s lovely.

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