Thursday, July 10, 2014

Fun Visitor . . .Not So Fun Weather

Today we woke up to our favorite Dorry Lou Wharton pulling into the campground.  I always invite my mom up to spend a night while I’m camping alone and luckily, she’s usually able to come.  She’s only staying one night so she got up early and arrived about 9:30am.  I was up changing sheets and getting my room ready for her when I saw her pulling down the little road.  That announcement elicited whoops from the girls, especially Lily who loves when her family visits.  We all hurried and got dressed, then I made Chocolate Chips Scones for breakfast and the fun began.  I was afraid it would rain all day, but the morning and most of the afternoon were beautiful.  We took a walk, played Ladder Golf, did lots of yakking, and took the girls to the river again to play for a bit. 

Go Brinks!
Lily, letting you know that
she won 4 Ladder Golf
games in a row.
We ate an early dinner and had just finished up when the rain started.  It started slow, so I ran around and button downed the campsite, closing vents and windows, bringing things undercover.  Pretty soon the rain started coming down HARD, so we moved inside, got our jammies on, and started played games – Bananagrams, Racko.  It was fun, but as we were sitting at the table playing, Brinkley said, “There’s water leaking in from the window.”  I looked and sure enough.  There was water streaming off the top of the camper, down the side, and down a big window we have in the kitchen.  Well, the bottom of that window slides open and closed and the water stream was running right into that little window well.  Apparently something wasn’t sealing there because it was leaking in from that well.  It was raining really HARD and coming in pretty steady.  The girls sat there with towels absorbing the water.  They quickly soaked several towels and I was thinking that if it kept raining all night, I was going to quickly run out of dry towels.  I texted Kevin on my Kindle because we sometimes have WiFi, but the service was so spotty I never did get a good response.  I finally had an idea that if I draped towels over the top of the camper and hanging down the side, the towels would absorb the water and it would still drip off, but either a little away from the camper or at each corner, which would be away from the window.  So off I go into the rain.  I had to drag the neighbor’s picnic table over and use it as a ladder.  I got the towels up and it seemed to work . . . at least until the towels got so heavy they slid off onto the ground.  So, off I go again into the rain.  This time I didn’t leave so much overhang and also put some rocks on top to hold the towels down.  Not pretty, but success!!  Even with more rain during the night, we stayed dry.  What a blessing!

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