Monday, September 5, 2011

My Hunter

Labor Day weekend is one of my favorite times of the summer to camp.  I hate that summer is ending and things are starting to slow down, but I really do love seeing all the hunters walking around the campground in their camo.  And of course, Kev is no different.  I’m sure that all of you know that the Bowhunt here in the Utah began a couple of weekends ago.  Often his cousin and family will come to Woodland and camp over Labor Day too.  The guys will get up early early, shower with their scent-killing soap, put on their special scent-killing deodarant, don their clean camo which has been washed in scent-killing detergent, paint their faces and head into the mountains.  They usually come back about midmorning and spend a good portion of the day with us, having an early dinner, before heading back up.  For some reason, I just think it’s a lot of fun when his world (hunting) and my world (Camperworld) combine and we’re up here together and both really excited to be here (for entirely different reasons I know, but oh well, I'll still take it).  This weekend we’re here alone, but the schedule is much the same.  He’s  been gone in the morning and evenings, but here most of the day.   Kevin doesn’t kill every year.  Bowhunter’s only have a 12% chance of actually getting game because bowhunting is so much harder than hunting with a gun.  As hard as he works at it though, he truly deserves it every season.  Maybe this will be the year.  Go Kev!
I don't know who took this picture.  I'm thinking that he set the timer and took it himself. 
Of course when I found it on the camera, I knew I had to post it, it's so awesome.  Hahaha!

Saturday afternoon Kev took the four-wheeler to go check a camera.
Brinkley was busy playing with friends so Lily was elected to go with him.
Obviously, she had to wear camo too, just in case they had to stalk.

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