Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Girl, a Big Bike, and New Friends

Two of the highlights of camping are riding bikes ALL OVER the place, and making new friends.  I can’t think of any camping trip here that the girls haven’t made new friends while riding bikes, playing at the park, or swimming.  And the ultimate fun is when we get here and discover that old friends are camping, so they get a chance to catch up and reacquaint.
That’s been the case this weekend.  And these old friends came in a group of four.  Three brothers and a sister that camp a few times each summer with their grandparents.  It didn’t take long on Friday for them to hook up and they’ve been pretty inseparable since.  This year I have to watch them though.  One little boy apparently has developed a crush on Brinkley.  Understandable, yes.  But still a little unnerving - actually more for me than Kevin.  One day they were playing with Tye and Brinkley kissed him.  And this little boy muttered, “I wish I was a dog.”  Oh, my!  Really?  Luckily, at this age, it’s all just talk and fun, and no real worries.  I don’t even like to think about what is to come though!
Brinkley, Lily and Friends
One of the games they were playing yesterday was Bicycle Switch-Up.  They’d each ride a bike around the loop and then go back and switch bikes with someone else.  Well, one of the new kids that was playing had a pretty big cruiser bike.  Brinkley tried that one out and was done with the “switch-up” part.  She had found her perfect fit on two wheels.  When she finally had to give that bike back, she decided that she could and needed to ride my bike.  So, we lowered the seat and off she went.  Holy cow!  She just might need a new bike for Christmas.  She sure looks grown-up on that big girl bike!
A friend's bike.  Can she ride it?

Of course she can!!

Here she is on my bike.  I didn't see it again the whole camping trip!

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