Sunday, September 4, 2011

Confessions of a Bananagramaholic

Last month while camping with my family, I talked about the new game we discovered called Bananagrams.  I really want to buy it, but since Walmart is about the only store I shop in, and they don’t sell it, I’ve been in a quandary.  After doing a little research online though, I discovered that if I combine some of the letters from two different Scrabble games then I have the EXACT same thing.  Well luckily I do own two Scrabble games so I came up this weekend with my Bananagrams game assembled and ready to play.  Kev and I played a few times the last few nights, but today, Kev decided not to hunt, so we’ve had a marathon all day.  It’s been so fun, even though out of the 20 times we’ve played, I’ve won maybe three.  And I’m no dummy.  Kev is just a whiz, and really fast.  If only we could get rid of our kids so we could play uninterrupted.  : )  Actually they’ve been pretty good, but of course when they have a question or a need, it’s me they bug, not Kevin.  Hey!  Maybe that’s why he’s always winning.  He’s not smarter.  Thanks to the girls, he can just focus better.  Figures.
Deep concentration.

I seriously won this game.  Yah!!

PS - After writing this post, I discovered that I could actually play by myself too.  And it's pretty much all I want to do.  And do you know what else I discovered?  Without Kevin as an opponent, I win every single game.  : )

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