Thursday, October 20, 2011

We're Back!!

We're back and I'm really happy about it.  I confess that I was really toying with the idea of not coming up this weekend.  I've been planning, since the beginning of time, to come up for my last camping hoo-rah of the season over UEA (Utah Educators Association - not sure what it is, but I'm happy for the 2 days we get out of school for it every year).  But last week was such a busy week for me, that I started thinking it would be too much.  Monday morning I was still thinking that I wouldn't come.  Then I asked the girls what they'd like to do and they said CAMP!  I'm raising them right, aint I?  Once I decided that I was coming, I started getting really excited.  And oh, aren't I glad to be here.  It is absolutely beautiful up here and the weekend is going to be perfect.  It dropped below freezing last night, but today dawned sunny and brilliant.  We're wearing sweatshirts right now, but I bet we'll just be in shirtsleeves by mid-afternoon.

I promised the girls that I would let them pick the camp site this time.  I know that they love #48, which is a nice little spot, but during the summer when it's busy, it can get a little crowded, with people all around us.  This weekend though won't be busy, so it seemed like a good time to park here.  As we backed in, they spied about 15 big leaf piles that had been raked up, but not picked up yet, and as you can imagine, that brought squeals of delight.  They spent the morning playing in the leaves (though not spreading them back out too much), establishing their clubhouses, making poo-stew, and most recently making a new friend, Victoria.  And me?  I'm about to bury myself in a good book.

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