Friday, August 10, 2012

Tye the Great's Playdate

As my previous post tells about, yesterday I went into town to go to the LDS Bookshow.  Kev was going to work and the girls were going with him.  We couldn't leave Tye up at camp all day alone, couldn't leave him in the car all day, and didn't want to drive him all the way back to Bountiful at 7:00 in the morning.  Luckily, Kev's cousin and his wife (who live near Kev's work) agreed to let Tye come and have a playdate with their dog, Babs, all day.  They have a huge backyard and 4 fun kids, and a girlfriend for Tye.  What could possibly be more fun?  Well, apparently Tye didn't agree.  He seemed excited when we dropped him off at 8am, but by the time we came back for him at 5:30pm, he'd apparently had enough.


I rang their door bell and was escorted in.  "I think Tye is ready to leave.  He's hard a hard day," Allan says with a chuckle.  "Oh, no, what has he done?" of course is my first thought.  "Oh, nothing," Allan replies, "but come look".  He leads me through the living room and around to the door that heads into the garage and also houses a small doggie door.  And there is Tye, completely oblivious to the door bell or our voices, laying on the floor with his nose shoved as far as it will go, through that tiny doggie door.  He didn't even move, as we whispered behind him.  I was able to usher Kev and the kids to look (I'm so sad I didn't get a picture).  It wasn't until I said, "Tye.  What's the matter?", that he wrangled himself free and ran to say hello.  He greeted us for less than a minute and then ran to the front door.  He was done!  As a ten year old dog, he's definitely become a homebody.  He likes to be with his family, whether at home or camping, he's only happy if he's within ten feet of Kevin and I.  Bless his little old heart.

And even though Tye doesn't concur, we're still grateful for the excellent care we know he received with the Horrocks family all day.

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