Sunday, August 12, 2012

Mountain Lions and Foxes and Bears, Oh My!!

We arrive tonight in Woodland.  Yay!!  I didn't really want to leave Coalville, but I'm really happy to be back here.  We have a totally new campsite in a totally different section of the campground.  Lily picked it.  I'm quite particular about campsites.  Hope we love this one.  If not, she's in trouble!!
The exciting thing about this post though is the hike Kev and the girls went on after we got here.  If you'll recall, 3 weeks ago when we were here, the whole family, including our guest Jacob, went on a big hike.  Kevin wanted to set up some trail cameras, for the purpose of stalking elk.  Well, tonight when we arrive back, he and the girls hiked back up to check the cameras.  The cameras are motion sensitive, so he sets them and it snaps a picture of anything that moves.  He's caught all sorts of wildlife on it before, but in this batch he hit the jackpot.  Oh there was your normal boring elk, there was a mama deer with her two fawns which were cute, but look what else was on it!!

Hello Foxey Loxey.

This bear was captured multiple times.  He's got to live really really close to where this camera was hung.
Mountain Lions.  Not just one, but two!!  If you look at the pic closely, on the left edge about half way up, you can see the tail of the 2nd one.  Holy crap!

I'm thinking that maybe Kev needs to be packing something a little faster to fire than a dang bow when he hunts!!

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  1. Those are terrific pictures! WOW, what a find!