Sunday, August 12, 2012

Moving Day

Unfortunately, we're on the move today.  I've enjoyed the week at Coalville - there's a lot to do here - and it might be nice to stay, but our week is up and Kevin needs to get us moved and settled before the work week starts for him tomorrow, so off we go.  We're headed back to Woodland, which really is my all around favorite.  Kevin will probably hunt there for the opener of the bowhunt next weekend, I hope.  It's nice to have him around on the weekends.

Kevin took the girls fishing and shooting this morning, and though we're starting to load up now, we may float the river one more time before we pull the party wagon out.  Peace Out City Dwellers.

This is our water cooler.  I made a cover for it to keep the sun off.  It evolved from there - belt, 4 heads.  You know.
We didn't leave it like this all week, btw.  That would be embarrassing.  ; )

Sun bathing by the river.
Lily found a dead snake (right), then made a paper snake (left). 
She's gross!


  1. Lily has learned to be gross from her mother who encourages her to lay down beside Road Kill for pictures!

  2. Believe it or not, Lily was the one that didn't want to participate in the road kill pic. Brinkley was all over it though. Kev was looking a the post at work and the guy in the cube next to his saw the pic and was horrified. I thought they were extremely clever. We stayed far enough away to be clear of the maggots.