Monday, August 6, 2012

River Rats

As I said, the Weber River runs right through our campground and for some reason the girls "discovered" it today.  In one area, there is a flat bank and a nice little swimming hole.  I was telling them how I used to swim in a river when visiting my grandmother each summer so they decided to give it a try.

I set up a chair to watch, they donned their swimsuits and life jackets and jumped in.  The first discovery  they made was that it was really cold.  After recovering from that one, they discovered the current.  It was like a real, live lazy river pulling them downstream, and they loved it.  Then I talked them into jumping off a rock into the pool, which they discovered was like a natural diving board. 

They had a BLAST!!  They didn't want to leave, are so excited to go back tomorrow, and have decided that they are never going to swim in the pool again.  I love them to discover new things.  Yes, we do camp in a camper with an air conditioner, microwave and a small TV.  Our campground has a clubhouse and pool. BUT we do still have great outdoor adventures.  Days like this solitify my love of camping.


  1. Where was the river you swam in at Grandma's house? Which Grandma?

    You probably don't remember swimming in the Salmon? River when we lived in Whitebird, but I remember us doing the Alligator crawl along the edges.

    1. Remember the creek behind Grandma Wharton's house? I know I swam in it with Stacy. I'm sure you did too some.

      I remember Whitebird a little. I remember Tammy throwing rocks across the river at a snake on a big rock sunning itself. She killed it and all the guts oozed out. Really gross. The poor thing was stoned to death.