Saturday, August 6, 2011

Day 3

Last night was truly one of the best nights of my life.  Kevin slept out on the couch bed in the camper because he was afraid of my germs.  I was feeling much better and just slept so great, spread eagle the whole night.  I did at one point hear what I thought was a lot of moving around.  It was still dark out, so I knew it was early.  Whoever it was, though, didn't come disturb me, so I quickly zonked back out.  It was well after 9:00 am before Kevin finally poked his head in and said, "How are you feeling?"  I assured him that I was practically good as new.  He said, "Great.  Cause Brinkley is sick and you are now officially on duty."  Uuuuugh!  Really?  We were so careful to keep her away from me yesterday, but she did keep coming in to check on me AND they made really cute duct tape bracelets for their craft and she brought me one as a get well soon gift.  Poor thing.  See, compassionate service really doesn't pay.

So, I rolled out of bed and started playing nurse maid.  She'd been throwing up about every 45 minutes steady, since 5:00am.  I guess that was all the noise that I'd heard during the night.  The first night we got here, I gave her and Lily a ziplock bag and said, "If you feel sick during the night, throw up in this."  So, two nights later, when she did feel sick, she woke up and did throw up in the baggie.  Then called Kevin.  She's amazing!  And so sweet.  Kev said that she kept apologizing for keeping him up and disturbing him.

So, I got up, checked one her, then started cleaning.  Luckily I have extra bedding, so I stripped our bed and Lysoled everything, then remade the bed.  Brinks would throw up, and of course feel a lot better and be perky for a while, then start feeling sick again.  I was able to venture out of the camper some.  I gave her a walkie talkie for when she needed me and sat down to play Bananagrams.  It was so fun!  That's all I wanted to do.  And we played A LOT!  All day long.
Bananagrams, Chips Ahoy, and the great outdoors.  Life is good!
So, I'd play a few games, then Brinks would call and I would go hold her hair up while she threw up, then come back and play.  Finally, by late afternoon, Brinkley was holding stuff down and ventured out to lay on a cushion in the main camp, with the rest of us.

Beth and Mike, who were also out camp hosts this year, might I add, were in charge of dinner, which was super-yummy fajitas.  I really wish I'd have been feeling at 100%, because I wanted to eat about 4 of them, but since my stomach was still tender, I just ate 1.  What a waste!

After dinner, we continued with Wharton Wars, Minute to Win It.  Last night we didn't give out any prizes, so tonight we pulled out prizes and let those who had won last night choose (Kevin said the prize tables looked like a Dollar Store that had exploded), then we started playing.

Unfortunately, Mom and Dad weren't here tonight, so we had to find new Minute to Win It Hosts.  The adult Hymas girls took over and thanks to Mom's fine tutelage, did a very good job!
Mama Hymas (Dawn)

And Daughter Hymas (Amber)
Landon, doing the Elephant March

Shelbie's version.

Uh - if you don't like my panthose, bring your own next time!

Brinkley, with her Junk in the Trunk

Lily, getting her groove on.
Games we played tonight were Junk in the Trunk, Elephant March, Wetball, Defying Gravity, and Shoe Fly Shoe.  Brinkley even got in on the fun for a few minutes with Junk in the Trunk, then got really sick again and had to have a team member stand in for her.  Poor girl.  I think everyone had a good time.  I need to take a survey to see which was the favorite, regular Wharton Wars, or Minute to Win It Style.

Poor Brinks went to bed as soon it was all over, but the rest of us stayed up and played Bananagrams.  I felt bad because Dawn was pretty well sick of it by now and if we were a nice family, we would have stopped and played something else, but we just COULDN'T and so we just DIDN'T.  We're bad!  She sat and watched us for a while, and then finally went to bed.

The highlight of Lily's evening was getting to stay up until midnight, and then having Kev take her on a midnight stroll around the campground.  Of course, she will be exhausted tomorrow, but hopefully not sick . . .

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