Friday, August 5, 2011

Day 2

It became a running joke at camp that when we woke in the morning we wondered who would be hit next by the Germ Worms.  My teenage nieces started singing, "Another one bites the dust!"  Each day we expected it to be Carvel.  He was, after all, sleeping in the same bed and camper as the other sickies, and we couldn't imagine that any amount of Lysol would kill all those germs.  Of course later, we also found out that he was downing Airborn, and that was his secret weapon.  Well, looking back, I'm thinking that it would have been nice if he'd have shared his secret weapon with the rest of us.

By Friday morning, the whole Hymas clan were basically healthy.  Dawn and Emilee were up and about, and thankfully Hadlee had only had it a few hours and was fine by Friday morning too.  Unfortunately, that didn't mean it had passed.  It was still running rampant through the campsite, and had just jumped campers.  As I was beginning to wake on Friday morning I felt good, still wrapped in the sleepiness of dream land.  Then, I rolled over.  That one little movement was all it took to send my stomach swimming.  I got up and headed up to the bathroom praying that I was fine and was just imagining the rumble in my stomach.  By the time I got back to our camper, I was pretty sure that I wasn't.  I grabbed a big ziplock baggie (the thing Emilee had said she was using to throw up in) and climbed back in bed.  Kev was waking by now and rolled over to give me a hug.  He heard the rumple of the ziplock and said, "What is that?" and looked down.  You should have seen his face.  His eyes got big as saucers, he flew back against his side of the bed and said, "Are you sick?!!"  If circumstances were different, it might have been funny.  I told him that I thought I was fine, but was just taking precautions.  As the morning wore on though, I knew I was not fine.  Breakfast was made, bacon and french toast (my favorite) and I didn't move from bed.  My mom showed up and they started playing Bananagrams, and still I layed there, steadily feeling worse.

They came to visit at one point with words of encouragement like, "Don't worry, it only lasts 24 hours," and "Compassionate service just doesn't pay."  Kevin left with the other boys to go shooting and I lay there feeling like death.  I was apparently running a fever, which none of the rest of the sickies had had.  That just doubled my pain and suffering.  Finally, I realized that I was and took IBUprofin, which helped a lot, because I had been miserable.  I told Beth that she needed to call Kevin home because when I died, I wanted him to be the one to tell the girls.  I know that was dramatic, but it was miserable.  And I felt so sorry for myself.  I could hear Mom, Beth and Dawn out at the picnic table hoopin and hollering and having a gay old time.  At one point Brinkley got hurt and I couldn't even help her because Kevin had quarantined me.  It was a bad day!

Finally about 3pm I ventured out and sat for a few minutes, then everyone went to the lake and I went back and took a nap.  At 5pm I came back out and was much improved.  Dawn made lasagna for dinner and I ate a little.  My mom had been there all day, and my dad showed up at about dinner time to visit for a couple of hours.  Thursday is the night we usually do Wharton Wars, but since Emilee was sick I held off and promised we'd do it Friday.  Well then of course Friday  I was sick, but I decided that maybe we could do a few Wharton Wars activities that night, and I'd do the rest on Saturday.  This year we were doing Wharton Wars Minute to Win-It style.  My mom is a huge fan of the show and I figured she could help, and would also get a big kick out of watching the kids.  I had the poster made, so I split the kids into teams, gave them their colored bandannas and told them to start strategizing.

Landon, Jakey, Lily - Ready for action!

The games we did tonight were Bite Me, Rapid Fire, Dizzy Mummy, Chocolate Uniforn, A Bit Dicey, and Suck It Up.  My mom was the host, and she was the bomb!!

Bite It - Kev and Amber weren't even part of the teams, but after the kids did it
first my mom and Dawn had to try it (that's what I needed a picture of),
then Amber and Kevin.

Holy crow!  Really?

Dizzy Mummy

Chocolate Unicorn
After the Minute to Win It Games I was finally able to play a few games of Banagrams with my mom.  By then, I was totally wasted and I headed to bed pretty early praying that no one else would wake up with the Germ Worms tomorrow.

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