Saturday, July 21, 2012

Adventures in Hiking

We went on a fun family hike tonight.  Kev wanted to set up some trail cameras to stalk elk, so we all went along.  We had a great time.  Jacob swore that he'd never been hiking before (Dawn and Carvel, [parents] I know for a fact that can't be true.  That would make him a very deprived kid).  He thought it was really great.  And what's not to like.  It was quite exciting.  I'll let the pictures tell the story. 

If only we matched! It could be our Christmas card shot.
Jacob thought this was really cool and wanted a picture to show his family.
And this is where the fun began.  We ran into about 1/2 mile's worth of cow diarrhea, and Jacob stepped in some.  And because we all have the maturity of 10 year olds, we had to make a really big deal about it (especially Kevin).
Eat it!!  Eat it I said!!
I promise:  My only motivation was that I was afraid Kev would try to pick me up and end up dropping me in.
So then, he has to pick up a stick, smear it with pooh and give chase.  Three kids, running down the side of a rocky mountain.  Hmmm - Can you guess where this ends?
Yep, you got it.  Poor Brinkley.
Big, sexy bully.  I always did like the bad boys.
They made up.  All is well.
"And what did we learn from this?" Kevin asks as we arrive back to the car.  "Never run down a mountain.  Even if you're being chased by a pooh monster."  Thank you Lily.  Well said.

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  1. Shame, SHAME of Kevy! Brinkley should have made him grovel a bit before making up. : )