Saturday, June 30, 2012

Ward Campout

Our next trip was actually our Ward Campout.  Each year the ward host an overnight camping trip to Morgan at Whittier Farms.  Last year Kevin and I were in charge.  Luckily, this year we were just spectators.  We arrive Friday afternoon, the ward provides yummy fried chicken for dinner and everyone else brings a pot luck item.  There is an outdoor movie that night, we sleep, and then in the morning the ward provides breakfast, and we go home.  Even though it’s so close to home, since we don’t have to cook for ourselves and it’s only a 14 hour trip, we like to tent camp this one too.  It’s a lovely area, and always a really nice trip.  This year’s movie was Facing the Giants.  The girls loved playing with friends in the sand and sagebrush, and we love visiting with friends.  Next year I’ll have to take pictures!

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